Medical Marijuana Certifications with Dr. Roark


As long as nothing in your medical history has changed in the last year, there is no need to fill out the forms below to renew your MMJ certification with Dr. Roark, as long as you got your original certification through the clinic. Simply call the clinic to make an appointment at (417)847-1111.


Patients looking to renew their certification and who have not seen Dr. Roark for MMJ in the past will need to fill out the forms.  The charge is $100.

TeleHealth Medical Marijuana Certifications


To qualify, you must have one of the qualifying medical conditions and it must be chronic (greater than 6 months).  If you are uncertain of your medical history, you can request your records from your previous physician.

Alternatively, you do not necessarily have to obtain your complete medical records. If you are certain of your medical history, you simply need to complete the Intake and Consent Forms on this page. Be sure to list all medical history and issues on the Intake Form.  If you are using a Psychiatric condition, please fill in the name of your Psychiatrist; this is required for your certification.

Within 7 days a nurse will contact you to schedule the visit.  If it has been greater than 7 days since you filled out your forms and you haven't heard from us, please email roarkfamilyhealth@gmail.com.

For psychiatric conditions:

If you are wanting to obtain certification for a psychiatric condition, you will need the name of a psychiatrist who has evaluated you at some point. Clinical psychologists or counselors are not able to provide this verification. A psychiatric specialist must have MD or DO after their name on medical forms.

Note: If you are unsure of your medical history, you can complete a Records Release Form and Dr. Roark's staff will take care of requesting your records from your other care providers.

TeleHealth Visits:

After Roark Family Health has received your forms, a staff member will schedule a TeleHealth video visit with the doctor.

Patients will need a cell phone, tablet or computer/laptop with a camera and internet access for a TeleHealth conference. At the time of their appointment, the patient will receive an email invitation for the visit and, if necessary, a consent form that can be filled out online. Next, click okay on the link and the patient will be connected with Dr. Roark. During the visit, the patient's medical history will be reviewed and entered into the chart, questions will be answered, etc. Payment will be taken during the telehealth visit.

Dr. Roark will be offering lunch time and after hours appointments to accommodate patients' needs.


Price for all medical marijuana certification visits is $100. Telehealth visit payments will be taken during the appointment.


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Step One: Intake Form

Complete a patient intake form.

Note: You will need to verify your email address for legal electronic signature compliance.  A nurse will review your information, make sure you qualify, then contact you to schedule within 7 days.  

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